Physical and Emotional Care in the Digital Dance Classroom

Dr. Melissa Melpignano; UTEP

This poster-video session illustrates and shows the efficacy of some coping techniques I have developed in collaboration with my students during late Spring and Fall 2020, in order to feel physically and emotionally connected and present while learning/teaching on Zoom.

Unlocking the Potential for Learning with Emotional Intelligence

David Sanchez; UTEP

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a key component in identifying and evaluating our emotions to responding appropriately. This session will provide a glimpse into each of the four quadrants of EQ while providing simple strategies to implement that encourage learning and growth.

Preventing Curricular Gridlock: 10 Strategies for a Fluid Future

Dr. Brian Jarvis; UTEP

There are many reasons instructors might be hesitant about updating a past course for a new semester, among them is that repeating a course will require an imposing number of tedious changes to get the previous iteration up to date. In this presentation, I'll outline 10 strategies aimed at catching these sorts of long-term problems before they create course gridlock.

It's Not Busy Work - Using Quality Matters to Show Assignment Relevance

Jonathan Gutierrez and Mayra Collins; UTSA

UTSA’s recent adoption of Quality Matters has helped us work with faculty to remove unnecessary busy work and ensure the alignment of all course content. In addition, we will show you how our course blueprint and LMS template further help our faculty.

The Digital Library Exhibit

Dr. DeLisa Hawkes; UTEP

In this presentation, I will discuss my assignment called 'Digital Literary Exhibits' as a method through which to get students 'out of the classroom' in an online environment and to foster team-based learning. While expanding students' understanding of the course material, students also gain digital research skills that can be used in any industry.

Finding Our Way: A Graduate Student’s Reflections on Building Community Online During COVID-19

Laura Salazar; UTEP

This session will recount a graduate student's first experience with teaching an online undergraduate course and the lessons learned about building community with students in a virtual environment during a time of social upheaval.

3 Tips for E-Teaching

Dr. Viridiana Vidana-Matus; UTEP

Strategies for instructors to engage students in online courses.

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Sneak Peek at Blackboard Ultra Course View

Blackboard Central, Salvador Jauregui; UTEP

On the horizon--a new experience in Blackboard. Take a sneak peek and contact us for information! (

Adapting Volunteerism During a Pandemic

Dr. Shalla Copeland; UTEP

The Texas Nursing Students’ Association (TNSA) at UTEP is a vibrant student organization with over 200 members and typically volunteers at least 6,000+ community service hours each year. Interaction and engagement outside of the classroom within the community is a vital process in the growth of a student nurse. Adapting volunteer opportunities after the start of the pandemic has had to balance safety for the students and our community with the continued desire of nursing students who want to help others during the COVID-19 crisis.

Using Interactive Activities in Online Synchronous Language Classes

Dr. Deborah Zamorano; UTEP

I will present some interactive Portuguese language activities students can do during their synchronous online classes. These activities will provide more opportunities for student engagement during the lessons, aiming at a better learning.

Using Text Mining Techniques to Monitor Students’ Engagement during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Kenneth C. Yang, UTEP and Dr. Yowei Kang, National Taiwan Ocean University

Using an online questionnaire survey method to collect students’ experiences during the time of COVID-19, we collect both quantitative and text mining data to answer research questions about students learning experiences.

The Learning Studio at UTEP

Mike Pitcher and Learning Environments Team; UTEP

An overview of the new Learning Studio space in the Undergraduate Learning Center (UGLC). Record various types of multimedia for use in your classes!

Meet the Blackboard Central Team

Blackboard Central, Salvador Jauregui; UTEP

We aim to help UTEP Faculty get the most out of Blackboard. Our team handles face-to-face assistance and all 2nd level support. Work on setting up or enhancing your Blackboard courses with us at Blackboard Central! (

The Open Educational Resources (OER) and Affordable Materials Initiative at UTEP

Yiyu Liao; UTEP

In this presentation, we will share initial findings from the TeachTech OER Initiative, so it may encourage more institutional OER teaching and learning in the future, such as faculty-librarian and even faculty-student collaborations in OER courses.

LinkedIn Learning for Higher Education

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning (LiL) is free to all students, staff, and faculty members at UTEP. The platform is not only powered by the data of the LinkedIn network, but also provides access to over 16,000 courses (in 7 different languages) covering the latest software, creative, and business skills. Whether you are looking to support your academic or professional success, there is a course for you!

Engaging Entering Students through Active Learning Teaching Practices

Dr. Peter Golding, Ana Karen Jimenez Enciso, Carla Ann Navar, Karla Ayala; UTEP

A team of faculty, staff, students and guests used a student-centric learning platform to establish a connected learning community, providing synchronous learning for two foundations of engineering courses provided to first-year students.

Learning Studio: The Green Screen

Mike Pitcher and Learning Environments Team

Learning about the basics of using the Green Screen in the Learning Studio. How does it work and what can you do with it.

Normalizing the Transition to an Online Environment

Julio Batiz and Alfonso Pacheco; UTEP

In this presentation, we discuss the construction of a Blackboard Learn template that can used to make the transition online easier for faculty.

Don't Be a Robot: Humanizing Blackboard

Luz M. Garcia-Rochin

Humanizing Blackboard requires instructors to build presence, empathy, and awareness but this is not easy. Educators have very busy schedules and sometimes must prepare for large classes where it is difficult to know their students and sense when they need extra support. But this is still not an excuse and we must find alternative solutions to promote social presence.

Design Innovation and Leadership Teaching and Learning

Dr. Peter Golding, Magdalena Guillen, Anneliese M Fensch, Cole H Joslyn, Dhanytza A Gonzalez, Haydee Holguin, Maximo S Gamez, Michael T Pitcher, Vidal Guzman; UTEP

In this contribution, we share our design and implementation of two human- and student-centered courses, together comprising the freshman year in E-Lead.

Impacting STEM Career Choices

Lucero Macias, Karla Ayala, Nora Cuvelier, Helen Geller, Crystal Cholewa; UTEP

In the Fall of 2020, the UTEP Upward Bound program partnered with the UTEP Yes, SHE Can program to engage approximately 180 El Paso area pre-college student in a series of STEM-focused, hands-on workshops. This poster presentation will offer insights into the impact on students’ future career choices pre and post workshops.

Immerse Yourself
in the Virtual Lhakhang

Dr. Skateboard's
Action Science Game

A collaboration between UTEP's Dr. Bill Robertson and Creative Studios in the CFLD, we are developing a game that allows learners to explore physical science concepts, including velocity, momentum, forces and motion. This game, like others, appeals to the fundamental joy of learning through play. Coming Soon!

View Trailer