The UTEP Sol Conference is an event for educators who are passionate about the art and science of teaching and learning. Our exciting, virtual three-day event is focused on research-based, classroom-tested best practices that enhance knowledge and work towards student success. The Sol Conference provides a thought-provoking and stimulating forum for educators of all disciplines and experience levels to share practical ideas and best practices that advance online teaching and learning in higher education.

This year's theme, "Humanizing Online Education: During COVID and Beyond," will explore and discuss how students are more invested in a class when they know that their instructor cares about their learning success. Conveying human presence, empathy, and awareness in a class that utilizes the online environment requires intention and a toolkit of effective practices.

Humanized learning increases the relevance of content and improves students' motivation to log-in online on a regular basis. When students relate to an instructor as something more than a subject matter expert and begin to conceive of themselves as part of a larger community, they are more likely to be motivated, be satisfied with their learning, and succeed in achieving the course objectives.

Humanizing is particularly important for the design and delivery of online courses/programs, but in the COVID-19 era, humanizing teaching/learning has become imperative in all formats of instruction.

This year's conference is FREE and will provide both synchronous and asynchronous presentations.

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